Mission Statement

Always one idea ahead is our company`s credo, linked with the aim to avoid any kind of wastage in terms of time, human resources and material.
This assurance involves the development of elaborate concepts, the thinking in product architectures and derived processes.
This approach determines the way of working on the development of a product from the very beginning.
We consider our work as an entity from the conception up to start of production and conceive all challenges as developmental stages within a process of continuous improvement.

Motivated, competent and well-versed staff together with long-term partnerships with both customers and suppliers form the fundament for a firm continuous development of the company.

The company is as a whole claimed to come up with product innovations, to improve existing processes as well as to chance new, complex ways of working.
In addition to that non-technical competences such as the handling of uncertainties, flexibility, operational readiness, autonomy and social skills have to complement the required technical spectrum of qualifications and get permanently cultivated.

Technical innovations are often not self-explaining and the permanent product advancement has to be communicated to the customer as obviously as possible – that is the goal of product design.
Beyond that “design” also communicates the entire culture of a company, its philosophy and social values.
We therefore consider the integration of product design into our service offering for the customer as an essential supplement.