Industrial Design

Besides construction and design duller-partner gmbh offers services in the field of Industrial Design amongst other things. The alliance of both competences within the company opens up ways for new solutions in product development, as the interface between design and construction marks a smooth transition and enables an overall development of products as a result. Agreements with external design agencies can therefore go on smoothly.

Design - Visualised Development
Technical innovations are often not self-explaining and the permanent advancement has to be communicated to the customer as clearly as possible - that is the mission of product design!
In parallel to the technical development product design has to join in order to transport the USPs and features of the product onto its surface, thus visualising quality and know-how.
If the product`s shell -its outside form- gets neglected, the customer will not understand the enormous technical complexity of the product and the product will be sold under less than fair value!

Design Management
Design-Management is the strategic application of design. Design has turned out to become more and more a core competence for successful businesses and gets therefore involved into the business strategy to a much greater extent.
We therefore consider the integration of product design as a clear competitive edge.
In order to implement the creative and visual quality of their work in an economically successful way, our designers have to be familiar with the strategic actions of the company and understand the facts.
Design increasedly creates the image of the entire business, its culture and business-strategy. Social values, communication-competence, learning aptitude and intelligent problem solving have turned out to be key success factors in that concern.